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Rosalind Price, Owner of R. Richard Price Consulting

I help organizations and individuals develop and execute change and transition strategies, effectively.



Rosalind Price, Owner of R. Richard Price Consulting

My passion is helping
individuals and
organizations win, and
execute their vision and
aligned mission.

A significant moment in my life was the
driver for my passion.

I started my career with plans to be an
elementary school teacher. I soon
realized that while I loved the innocent
curiosity of children, I really wanted to
help adults think like children. Meaning,
teaching them how to think beyond
limitations and develop creative
solutions. So, I shifted my career focus
to Business Management and

This brings me to my personal brand of Think Outside the Box. More About Me...



21+ years in Corporate America 

Ten+ years in Organization Design/Development and Change Management

Leadership/team development, Team effectiveness, Organization design and strategy, and Process design 

Prosci Certified and Agile Trained 

Certificate of Practicum Distinction presented by

Director of Organization Development Programs

American University Washington, DC, May 2016

Awarded honor for exemplary fieldwork, bridging of theory and practice, and use of self in the 2016 Practicum project.

Artwork by: Saatchi Art , "free your mind," by yossi kotler,

Artwork by Saatchi Art


Utilizing my training and years of experience in organization development and change management, I help my clients focus specifically on the critical aspects of transition to ensure immediate and ongoing success. I use the organization development and change management principles and framework as a foundation. I ensure effective execution and translation of business speak and plain language speak, via various approaches:

Mission and Vision

Mission: To help individuals and organizations transition, strategically, even when it may be difficult to do so.


Vision: Using change management and organization development principles and practices as a foundation, we want to enable individuals, leaders and organizations to do transformative work.

Values: We believe that every individual and organization is unique, and that uniqueness should be reflected in the work and services they provide. Our core values include honesty, transparency, integrity, equal partnership, relationship building, commitment and trust.



  • Individual coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Organizational assessment and design

  • Strategy building

  • Effective success/accountability metrics

  • Process development and design

  • Gap analysis

Artwork by Patty Donoghue

I found Ms. Price to be both astute and responsive. She listened very carefully, made her own observations, and then asked questions in a way that lead me to reflect deeply. The way she responded to me made me feel optimistic, cared for, and confirmed. Since I finish(ed) graduate school, I had not really been able to identify where I wanted to go next with my career. I felt like my career was controlling me instead of me controlling my career. Ultimately, Ms. Price helped me put words to my personal mission, vision, and goals, which is something that has been mystifying to me for a while. I confidently recommend Ms. Rosalind Price for professional and personal transition coaching.

Angela Labrie Blackwell

Associate Professor at University of St. Augustine

August 10, 2020

I recently had the pleasure of partnering and collaborating with Rosalind Price on a highly visible, large scale portfolio project at Cigna. Rosalind is a true professional who is highly skilled at leading, guiding, coaching, and ensuring the business is ready for the changes being implemented on any project. Rosalind proved to be a leading voice in all aspects of preparing people for change and implementing effective reinforcement and sustainment activities to equip the business with tools and resources they require to incorporate long lasting habits into their daily roles. I have personally learned a lot from watching her in action about how imperative it is to spend the time and resources to prepare the people side of a project in order for it to be successful. 

April Sager

Program Management Manager at Cigna

June 29, 2020

Rosalind leads by first understanding the strategic vision and then driving toward objectives. She utilizes her strength in leadership coaching, applies organizational design principles, and helps teams to understand and adopt change. Rosalind has demonstrated the ability to work with operational leaders to design a change management structure to ensure change readiness and sustainment. She is a powerful partner. I really appreciated her knowledge and expertise to implement and deliver training to managers whose teams were adopting a management operating system.

Laurie McMaster

OE Senior Advisor| Change Enablement at Cigna

July 6, 2020

(Rosalind's) insights and instruction are so enlightening. She’s lit a fire in me that has been dim for years at this point. She is teaching me how to enhance and show my leadership skills, as well as how to enhance my skills in program management, how to manage up, communicate more effectively both verbally and in writing. 

Ardis R. James

Director, FAMD Office of Trade US Customs and Border Protection

September 25, 2020

Artwork by: Patty Donoghue~Sailboat Coast-Boats from Bridge

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